Managing Stress With Massage: In-Home Massage Services in Key Largo, Florida

Arms massage in Key LargoToo much stress can be the cause of many different illnesses and conditions that people suffer from on a regular basis. Physicians recommend a variety of treatments designed to help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Prescription medications are one way to treat these ailments, but with more people seeking natural remedies and options that don’t include a trip to the pharmacy, more attention is being given to professional massage services. In-home massage in Key Largo is a great way to tackle stress in the comfort of your own home. Instead of having to fight the traffic and drive to a spa, wait for your turn, and then drive back home again, you can book a Key Largo massage therapist who will bring a professional massage table, clean linens, and all of the equipment necessary to give you a spa-like treatment at home. Managing stress with massage has never been easier.

How Does Massage Help With Stress?

People of all ages and walks of life deal with stress in their own way. Unfortunately, if left untreated, stress can be extremely dangerous to your health. A 2019 study that focused on stress and stress-related conditions revealed that nearly 60 percent of respondents reported feeling extreme levels of stress. The primary source of stress for most adults is the workplace environment. However, there are many other environmental and personal influences that can cause stress. Learning how to manage that stress and reduce its effects on the body should be a primary goal for everyone. Unfortunately, the majority of people in the world today do not understand the connection between stress, anxiety, depression, and health.

Some of the symptoms of stress within the body include:

  • acne, eczema, and other skin issues
  • trouble sleeping
  • memory problems
  • sadness, depression, despair, and anxiety
  • headaches – chronic and migraine
  • tension and muscle aches throughout the body
  • high cholesterol and increased risk of heart attack
  • high blood pressure and heart rate
  • weight gain and digestive issues
  • heartburn and nausea
  • decreased immune function

Professional massage services can be used to effectively reduce stress, anxiety, and tension throughout the body. This can, in turn, help to decrease other symptoms that can be even more damaging. Studies have proven that a single 45 to 60-minute deep tissue massage can help to lower high blood pressure. Continued and repeated in-home massage in Key Largo can help to make marked improvements to heart rate, blood pressure, cholesterol, and other common issues. When you work with a professional Key Largo massage therapist to address your stress-related problems, you can make changes that will help you to have a better, deeper sleep, improve muscle aches, and reverse skin issues, depression, and even headaches. Studies are currently being done regarding the effects of managing stress with massage relating to benefits such as weight loss, improved immune function, and memory.

Managing Stress With Massage

Working with a licensed Key Largo massage therapist to provide you with quality, professional massage services can help to improve stress-related issues and conditions. Stress manifests itself in different ways, depending on the person, the situation, and any underlying health issues. In addition to managing stress with massage, it is important to identify your stress triggers, remove yourself from situations where anxiety levels are high, and find new ways to deal with stressful situations. If your profession is stressful, it might be time to rethink your goals and make changes that will help to improve your health throughout your lifetime. If you are severely stressed now, imagine how much more intense it might be five, ten, or even twenty years down the road.

Start by booking an in-home massage in Key Largo. Choose from a variety of options that can assist you in your quest of managing stress with massage. Deep tissue, sports massage and stretching, reflexology, and specialized treatments designed to help detoxify the body and help with healing are just some of the options available when you choose for professional massage services. Marianne Allen Holmbraker has more than 25 years of experience working in the Greater Key Largo area, serving clients at some of the most reputable and world-renown locations in the world. A Registered Nurse (RN) and Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), Marianne can offer services that will help you to reduce stress, anxiety, and tension so you can begin to heal your whole body.

Book Professional Massage Services in Key Largo

If you live in the Greater Key Largo area or are within our service area that ranges from South Miami Beach to Islamorada, our professional massage services can be provided at your home. Our in-home massage in Key Largo and the surrounding area provides many benefits to clients of all ages. Whether you want a one-time deep tissue massage or require ongoing sports massage and stretching to overcome an injury, our services can help you to achieve your goals.

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