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Marianne has 30+ Years of Massage Experience in Ocean Reef Club, Key Largo, and in the Greater Key Largo area. Marianne is an RN (registered nurse), and a LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist).

As a health care worker, Marianne has been fully vaccinated against the corona virus.

Marianne Allen Holmbraker Key Largo Massage
Marianne Allen Holmbraker, RN. LMT

Marianne's Reviews on Google

(All of Marianne's reviews are 5 STAR)

Shauna Slaughter - 5 STAR

I so needed a massage after traveling the last few weeks! Marianne was wonderful working on my sore and tired muscles!! Excellent!! See on Google 

Stacie Lake - 5 STAR

Marianne gave me the best massage I’ve ever had. Her prices are beyond reasonable and her services were top rate. Highly recommend. See on Google 

Maggie Casas - 5 STAR

Marianne was absolutely great! I called her in the morning and shared my neck had been fused years back (C4-T1) and currently had a really bad cramp. After 1.5 hours of therapy, I am able to turn my head left and right again. Thank you again for your services. God Bless!!! See on Google 

Angel Gutierrez - 5 STAR

Marianne is the best!! Felt brand new again. See on Google 

Tami Stalder - 5 STAR

Best massage ever! See on Google 

Kristin Puente - 5 STAR

The BEST massage I’ve ever had! Super knowledgeable and the nicest lady! Highly recommended !!! See on Google 

Suzanne Green - 5 STAR

What a treat! This was my first in home massage, and it was such a special treat. I chose her because of her rating and now I see why. Marianne was punctual and made me feel so comfortable. She addressed the areas I needed for pain relief and it was a wonderful experience. Would do this again, and again, and again…and you will not be disappointed if you decide to book with her. See on Google 

Teneil Kellerman - 5 STAR

A great way to start a vacation. See on Google 

Rebecca Grosser - 5 STAR

Wonderful. Amazingly relaxing. See on Google 

Jamie Parker - 5 STAR

Marianne was absolutely wonderful! She was very knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend Marianne. See on Google 

Kevin Parker - 5 STAR

Marianne is truly a professional! I would absolutely recommend her if you're in the area traveling or local. She came to our hotel, set up, and gave one hell of a message! Plus, she gives you tips on how to stay healthy! Wish I could give her 10 stars! See on Google 

Kova-Motive - 5 STAR

Marianne worked on my family while we were on vacation in Key Largo. I have had numerous massages from different establishments and nothing comes close to the quality of care Marianne provided. She was able to isolate numerous problem areas even without my direction. She was very nice, personable, caring and in-tune with our specific needs. I do a lot of manual labor and her skills are just what I needed. I cant wait until next time! See on Google 

Chelsea Wendt - 5 STAR

Marianne was great to work with. Communication was easy and she was very flexible with our needs (location, masks, etc). She provided the full spa experience in the home! The body work she did was amazing, and it started off our vacation on a great note. See on Google 

Izzi Krombholz - 5 STAR

Marianne is such a lovely human and makes you feel at ease. The massage was wonderful and she understood what my body needed. Would highly recommend!!! See on Google 

Alli Garner - 5 STAR

Marianne is a consummate professional and incredible knowledgeable. She utilizes so many different tools (including a therapulser) and essential oils to create a truly relaxed state. Would highly recommend.. See on Google 

Troy Hess - 5 STAR

Marianne is a professional massage therapist she showed up on time she was very courteous and professional I will highly recommend her to everyone. See on Google 

Philipp Rauch - 5 STAR

Marianne gives the most wonderful massages! She has so much knowledge about the body and really knows how to find and work out the trouble areas. I didn't want just a feel-good massage, I wanted my body tension and tight areas to be worked on. She does amazing deep work and I have found so much relief from her working on me. My whole family now uses her. I highly recommend her. She gives the massages I have ever had. See on Google 

April Knasinski - 5 STAR

She is absolutely amazing! She came to our condo and set up in the living room! It was a fantastic way to begin our vacation! So relaxing! See on Google 

Andie James - 5 STAR

I was in desperate need of a vacation. Leaving the kids & men behind my friend April & I flew to Key Largo with no plans except sun, relaxation, drinks & a massage. Marianne brought her massage table to our condo & instantly made us comfortable. I had several areas that needed attention and she was able to work them all out & made sure I stayed comfortable the entire time. I highly recommend. Professional, friendly, fabulous communication & did an amazing job! Thank you for making our next week even more relaxing. See on Google 

Lauren Reid - 5 STAR

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

Marianne was a pleasure! My husband and I had a little get away for a night here in key largo away from the kids and a massage for each of us was the perfect touch. She gave us both an amazing massage working each of our tension areas very well. She was very nice and a pleasure to work with! We plan on calling her again soon when we are back in key largo and telling our family and friends in the area! Highly recommend. If you are debating, this is your sign. Call her and book your appointment! 🙂 Thank you, Marianne! See on Google 

Evelyn Lopes - 5 STAR

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

Marie Ann was amazing! She’s very experienced and gave me everything my body needed to release all the tension from jet skiing for the past two days. Highly recommend, she was very professional and kind. See on Google 

Erika Fasciocco - 5 STAR

The user didn't write a review, and has left just a rating. See on Google 

Donna Price - 5 STAR

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

I had the most amazing massage today by Marianne who is such a delight. She was prompt arriving to my hotel room and extremely courteous. All I can say is that Marianne has healing hands. I was so tight in my back and haven't been able to sleep well for several nights. Marianne knew exactly where to find the trouble areas. Also, I need to mention if you are wanting a deep tissue massage, this is the lady to go to. All I get is deep tissue massages and I have to say, she is one of the best. I wish I could take her back to Phoenix with me. If I'm ever back in the Keys, I will definitely be calling Marianne and you should too. See on Google 

Leilani Gonzalez - 5 STAR

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

Marianne was very prompt, professional and skilled. She made you feel at ease with her expertise and kindness. She ensures comfort by asking what your preferences are and listens carefully to you and your body. I highly recommend her and will be contacting her again soon! See on Google 

Samantha Welin - 5 STAR

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

Wow!! Best deep tissue massage I’ve had ever. I’ve only though that a few times out of the many massages I’ve had but this one topped them all! She hit every spot that I had pain, was so kind and caring. I will definitely be booking another appointment in the future. Thank you so much for doing magic on my back. See on Google 

Kim Hoyt - 5 STAR

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

I had a wonderful massage, while on vacation, this past weekend. Marianne was very professional and skilled. It was a great experience! I highly recommend her, and intend to see her again on my next vacation! See on Google 

Allison Kincaid

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

Marianne was wonderful. She did back to back massages at over an hour each and both were tailored exactly to what we needed. It was a perfect way to end our vacation, she worked out all of the problem areas that we pointed out. She was beyond accommodating, and so very kind. See on Google 

Ana Worth - 5 STAR

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

Marianne is a delight and a blessing! She answered my need for an intuitive and trustworthy therapist to help my body recover so I could enjoy my vacation to the beautiful keys. I highly recommend her, especially if you have special needs or it is your first experience with massage. See on Google 

Pat Shields - 5 STAR

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

Marianne is fantastic...she finds the tension in your body and works methodically to reduce tight muscles. My family has used her for years. She is experienced and truly cares about her clients and her work. See on Google 

Mary Bergonia - 5 STAR

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

Marianne is excellent! Very focused, responsive. Great experience and wonderful massage! Thx See on Google 

Ray Dixon - 5 STAR

Awesome massage therapist. Great conversation. Great to have met her. I just don’t have words to say how great she is. See on Google 

Wesley Johnson Jr. - 5 STAR

Positive: Professionalism

This lady is amazing. Best massage I have ever had... she has great touch!! She is a great person! See on Google 

Lindsay Shields - 5 STAR

Positive: Professionalism

I have used Marianne for years and she continues to be wonderful! Best massage! See on Google 

Crystal McDonald - 5 STAR

Great experience for my first massage!! She took care of us like family, my body feels revived and I’ll definitely be back again, and recommend her! Great professional experience! Highly recommend!! She came to our Airbnb and made our first day on vacation a great start to the week!! Thank you again 😊 See on Google 

Diane Rohan - 5 STAR

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

A beautiful lady inside and out, Marianne brings a loving and healing touch that melts away your aches, pains and worries. She is magical. See on Google 

Angela A. - 5 STAR

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

Marianne is an excellent therapist. She is professional and caring. I have been having weekly massages from many therapists for 30 years and she is one of the best. See on Google 

Ann S. - 5 STAR

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

Excellent massage therapist and very friendly. See on Google 

Dima Puto - 5 STAR

This therapist is amazing at her job. She helped with my back problems. She was so professional and made sure not to hurt me. I could tell she really cared for my well-being.The experience I had was lovely especially when the session grew longer and longer I could start to feel the pain in my back go away. She is amazing at what she does and I support her. See on Google 

Anne Lovett - 5 STAR

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

Marianne is an amazing massage therapist and lovely person. You can’t do better! See on Google 

Ginger Pearson - 5 STAR

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

Fabulous deep tissue massage! See on Google 

Amy Laster - 5 STAR

Marianne was awesome and genuinely cares about you!!!!! See on Google 

Didi Mamaligas - 5 STAR

See on Google 

Veronika M. - 5 STAR

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

Fantastic massage from an expert! Thank you Mary Ann???? See on Google 

Anacaril Jovellar - 5 STAR

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality See on Google 


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